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100 Percent

100% Racecraft 2 Snowmobile Goggles

100% Racecraft 2 Snowmobile Goggles


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  • All 100% Snowmobile goggles share the same lens and tear- off profile
  • Superior vision system for optimum performance and comfort in the most demanding conditions
  • Outriggers help to achieve perfect balance and fit
  • Removable nose guard is a unique incorporation of the frame co- molding to ensure stability and roost protection in the most testing conditions
  • Oversized face foam with an impenetrable layer keeps your face warm in the coldest conditions
  • Anti- fog coated polycarbonate lens for flawless vision
  • Oversized 45mm wide, silicone- coated strap eliminates slippage
  • Patent- pending technology channels air into the foam, aiding in moisture management
  • Compatible with all Generation 2 MX lenses
  • Vented Dual Pane Lens
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