Icon Airframe Pro Carbon Helmet


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Icon Airframe Pro Carbon Helmet

Go shiny or go home. The Airframe Pro™ Carbon is the ultimate in helmet bling. The best in modern technology, ICON's hand-laid 4Tress™ carbon weave, is paired with an RST TracShield™, vents, and spoiler, resulting in an incredibly light, unbelievably durable, and undeniably flashy helmet. Internally, the shell is outfitted with a removable/washable moisture-wicking HydraDry™ interior, which keeps you comfortable for short and long rides alike. Enjoy precision manufacturing at its finest with the Airframe Pro™.

Meets DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), & PSC (Japan) Helmet Safety Standards. Does not ship with PSC certification stickers unless purchased from an authorized dealer in that country.

Red - Includes Clear Fog-Free Icon Optics™ shield and RST Red Icon Tracshield™.

Five-Piece Modular Liner With Moisture-Wicking Hydradry™ Liner.

Handmade composite shell, hand-applied design, and precision manufacturing techniques.

The most common helmet fit type, the Intermediate Oval head is slightly shorter front-to-back and a little wider side-to-side.

9 air intakes and 7 exhaust ports coupled with deep channeling in the interior energy absorbing EPS foam results in superior helmet venting.

Precision assembly techniques help us to dramatically reduce the shell profile and allow us to craft a helmet that is exceptionally light.

A decrease of both drag and weight was achieved by sculpting the traditional neckline of the AFP to avoid jacket or suit interference. With a total of nine intakes and five exhaust vents, ventilation is a premier feature on the Airframe Pro. The forehead vents are angled to provide linear air intake at speed while deep channels in the liner enhance airflow by routing more air effectively.

The Rapid release shield removal system allows you to swap the fog-free Icon Optics™ shield in the blink of an eye. This cutting-edge system allows you to select the right shield for the conditions, all of which produce an unrivaled distortion-free line of sight for what lies ahead. The flat Icon TracShield™ is available for the Airframe Pro as a factory solution for riders who require tear-offs. Compatible with our Rapid Release™ shield change mechanism, the TracShield™ can be used on the Airframe Pro, Airform, and Airmada helmets.

The five-piece sweat-wicking Hydradry™ liner provides a greater amount of fitment combinations for each unique head shape. Crown, lateral, fore, and aft padding components allow for a possibility of 27 combinations in a single shell; double that of the Airframe Pro's competitors.

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