Icon Variant Pro Bug Chucker Helmet

Icon Variant Pro Bug Chucker Helmet


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Icon Variant Pro Bug Chucker Helmet

With more flake than a 70's bass boat and set of peepers only a mother could love, we're keeping it reel with the Variant Bug Chucker. The fog-free 3D-molded RST Red shield provides optical clarity across its oversized eye-port. It increases peripheral vision, and the visor is designed to block the sun while reducing lift at speed. The 5-piece sweat-wicking HydraDry™ liner works in conjunction with the vents to help reduce heat build-up, so when things get hot, you're off the hook.

Meets DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), & PSC (Japan) Helmet Safety Standards. Does not ship with PSC certification stickers unless purchased from an authorized dealer in that country.

Sublimated Hydradry™ moisture wicking liner.

Fiberglass / Dyneema / Carbon fiber shell.

The most common helmet fit type, the Intermediate Oval head is slightly longer front-to-back than it is side-to-side.

8 air intakes and 2 exhaust ports coupled with deep channeling in the interior energy absorbing EPS foam results in superior helmet venting.

Precision assembly techniques help us to dramatically reduce the shell profile and allow us to to craft a helmet that is exceptionally light.

The wind tunnel-refined shell, executed in a Fiberglass/Dyneema/Carbon matrix, forms a solid first line of defense. The Variant Pro's signature visor system not only looks aggressive, it contributes to improved vision by helping block out bright sunlight while producing minimal lift characteristics.

The fog-free Variant Pro™ shield, coupled with a reshaped eyeport, increases peripheral vision and and produces an unmatched distortion free line of sight so you can keep your eyes on the prize.

The five-piece sweat wicking Hydradry™ liner provides a greater amount of fitment combinations for each unique head shape. Crown, later, fore and aft padding components allow for a possibility of 27 combinations in a single shell; double that of the Variant Pro’s competitors.

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