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LS2 Helmets

LS2 Challenger GT Solid Helmet

LS2 Challenger GT Solid Helmet


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The LS2 Challenger GT is the most technically advanced touring helmet LS2 has ever built. The shell is made from a pre-preg matrix of materials called HPFC. The matrix is a a proprietary blend of materials including fiberglass. HPFC is extremely light weight. LS2 uses lasers to shape every vent hole in the shell. The hole tolerances are so tight that we don't use glue to adhere any of hte venting or gaskets. LS2 double injects the materail in the eye port gasket to create the best possible seal. The Challenger GT shield is the thickest (3MM) Class A optically correct on the market. The shield covers the largest eye port in the industry, which provides the best possible field of view. The Venturi vents on the top rear chimney are active, which means they can be opened or closed depending on the rider's desire. The shell meets and exceeds both DOT & ECE certification standards.

  • Shell is made from LS2’s proprietary ultra-light extra strong High Performance Fiberglass Composite
  • DOT approved quick-release chin strap is easy to open with a gloved hand
  • Twin Shield System drop down sunshield protects your eyes and is easy to operate with a gloved hand
  • 3 shell sizes make for the smallest, best fit
  • LONG OVAL FIT with multi-density EPS for the utmost in protection
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