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LS2 Helmets

LS2 Focal Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Communication System

LS2 Focal Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Communication System


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A Bluetooth intercom headset with high resolution video, still photography capability, and great sound quality, taking your ride to new limits.

Stay Connected on the Ride
Easily connected with Bluetooth 5.0, built in music share capability allows you and your passenger to enjoy your favorite tunes. One button auto connect intercom is fast and convenient with a range of 500 meters. Manually connect up to four intercoms at one-time and enjoy a range of 1200 meters. Voice commands using Siri-type functions to control your calls.

2K QHD Sony Camera
With adjustable angles you can record your ride with high-quality video. Use the photo function to capture high resolution still images and record any view instantly.

Outstanding Audio
3D sound effects for great sound quality. Integrated cVc noise reduction dramatically improves call clarity.

Wireless File Transfer
Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to review videos on your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere on the LS2 Focal App.

Two Ways to Install
Clip Style Mount or Dual sided adhesive allows the Focal to mount on most motorcycle helmets.

LS2 Helmets is proud to introduce the LS2 Focal, a brand new Bluetooth camera and communication system. Utilizing deep industry experience, LS2 Helmets has blended Bluetooth communication technology, noise cancellation and camera technology in one unit to take your riding experience to the next level.

The LS2 Focal is a universal system which can record voice to video, record ambient sound, or communicate with your passenger or friends with the four-way plus intercom up to 1200 meters. It can be used to receive and place calls, listen to music, and will automatically save data in the event of a crash.

The audio quality rivals the best smartphones and speakers on the market thanks to both its Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip and cVc noise cancellation technology. Using algorithms, the cVc noise reduction suppresses traffic noise and ambient sound, making it possible to be heard clearly on a call even if you’re on the road or in a loud environment. It’s the ideal feature when recording your latest viral content.

Need a microphone? The LS2 Focal provides a boom or low profile style that are both easy to install along with “3D sound” low profile speakers and multiple mounting methods. As a universal unit, the LS2 Focal will not only fit LS2 helmets but most motorcycle helmets on the market.

Riders have a choice of using the SIRI type, voice prompt menu navigation or easy-to-use, multi-function buttons. It’s easy one touch operation, means less time thinking about what to do next and more time focusing on the ride.

The LS2 Focal will always capture the moment, offering a 2K QHD Sony camera for clean, detailed footage and images, and fully customizable settings.

Waterproof at an IPX6-level, the LS2 Focal is ready for any riding conditions thrown at it.

The LS2 Focal App is multi-faceted. It’s built in Wi-Fi connectivity allows the user to review videos and photos on a phone or tablet anytime and download them quickly and easily. If help is needed, the LS2 Focal app also contains the owner’s manual, making it easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Most importantly, the LS2 Focal App allows the user to set-up the camera, adjust the shooting angle, adjust frame rates, and dialing in a number of other options.

Whether on a cross country ride, on a Monday morning commute or blasting the twisties with your friends, the LS2 Focal is ready to capture the moments your eyes are too busy to see. Let the LS2 Focal take you to new limits.

  • Qualcomm 5.0 Bluetooth Chip
  • Integrated cVc noise reduction
  • Sony QHD 2K Camera
  • Focal App for Apple and Android products
  • Wi-Fi Data Transfer
  • Wi-Fi video and photo review and camera set-up on Focal App
  • IPX6 Waterproof Level
  • 1 touch photo function
  • “Siri” Type Voice Command
  • Battery Power Level Detection
  • Four interchangeable color trims
  • Built in music share capability
  • 4-way connect
  • Auto Connection Intercom, 1 button, 500 meter intercom connection
  • Manual Connection Intercom, 1200 meter intercom connection
  • Multiple mounting options and combinations
  • Adjustable, 360 degree mounting base
  • 2 microphone styles
  • 12 hour talk time
  • 5 hour video time
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Note: Includes Bluetooth unit only, does not include helmet.
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