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Shoei CWR-F2R Faceshield Visor Helmet

Shoei CWR-F2R Faceshield Visor Helmet


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The Shoei CWR-F2R Face Shield, specifically designed for RF-1400 and X-Fifteen helmets, is a premier racing shield that enhances rider visibility and safety. Its robust construction features superior anti-fog technology and UV resistance, ensuring clear sight under various conditions. The shield's quick-release mechanism promotes easy adaptability, making it ideal for safety-minded riders in diverse settings. Available in several tinted versions aimed at racing, it keeps you focused on the checkered flag. The CWR-F2R supports tear-off films for track use, with eccentric fastening buttons for secure attachment. Incorporating Vortex Generators on its side edges, it effectively reduces drag and lift, optimizing aerodynamics. Shoei's quick-change system allows for fast, tool-free visor swaps, reinforcing the CWR-F2R's status as a top choice for performance-driven riders.

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