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Sidi T-5 Air Triathlon Bicycle Shoes

Sidi T-5 Air Triathlon Bicycle Shoes


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Simultaneously stiff and comfortable, the Sidi T-5 Air delivers the performance we loved from its predecessor, the T-4, in an updated package.

Sidi uses a multi-step system to ensure that your power output minimally dissipates between shoe and pedal. To achieve this, Sidi incorporated its Twelve Carbon Composite sole, with carbon-injected nylon to deliver stiff power transfer and long-mile comfort, with an added bonus of durability. Sidi estimates that the new material is less susceptible to temperature extremes and wear, and accordingly, the soles are predicted to retain their rigidity levels over multiple seasons of use.

For fit, the T-5’s reinforced heel cup withstands pressure from use and avoids deformation from prolonged use, while the soft lining ensures sock-free comfort. Sidi’s hallmark ratcheting system would be too slow for quick transitions, so Sidi incorporated a two-strap closure system, with a 'burrito-wrap' upper, with one layer of the upper wrapping over the other. The straps have a grippy finish which makes them easy to adjust on the fly, even with hands wet from the swim. An oversized heel pull-tab makes pulling on the shoe as fast as possible while you speed away from the transition zone.

  • Replaceable heel pad ensure that the T-5s last for several seasons
  • Twelve Carbon Composite Sole transfers power and is lightweight
  • Vented Politex upper dumps heat and allows water to escape
  • Heel cup keeps foot stabilized for efficient pedaling
  • A stiff and light shoe to save time on triathlon splits
  • Heel pull tab speeds up your transition time
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